Sure you have noticed we LOVE Essential Oils! However, our knowledge about essential oils did not come overnight and it continues to expand. We truly enjoy learning about all the many benefits that essential oils have. We want to share with you some books that have been very useful as guides and information.

One of our favorites is “Modern Essentials Usage Guide: A Quick Guide To The Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils”. There are two versions of this book, a mini guide and a full version. These guides cover everything from the Science to the Application of essential oils. To learn more about the book click here for the mini guide or here for the big version of the book.

Another useful book is “The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils“. It is an in-depth book, but easy to understand at the same time. Check it out by clicking here.

Hope these are helpful! If you have any book suggestions, please feel free to share! We value your input and feedback!

The sisters