Basil is known and coveted by many for its calming and restorative properties.  Commonly used for cooking, as an essential oil it is great for sore muscles, respiratory problems, a cooling agent, and focus issues.

In our coverage of Basil EO we have compiled a list of the ailments Basil is good for and provide tips and ideas on how to use Basil in more efficient ways.


Basil is suggested for:

* Earaches – Put a couple of drops on a cotton ball, q-tip or on pinky finger and apply on the opening of ear canal.  Do not put drops inside of ear!

* Bug Bites – To help with irritation put a drop of oil on the bite.

* Menstrual Cramp – Mix two to four drops with about 8 drops of carrier oil, rub on abdomen and apply a warm moist rag.

* Rhinitis – Apply one to two drops on forehead and bridge of nose.  Diffuse into air.

* Scoliosis – Massage on back once a week.  Carrier Oil recommended.

* Sprains – Apply on affected area.  Carrier Oil recommended.

* Bunions – Apply on affected area.  Carrier Oil recommended.

* Tendonitis – Gently massage with carrier oil into affected area.

* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Apply to affected area two to three times a day.

* Chronic Fatigue – Place two drops in a capsule and take internally.  Massage on joints.

* Dizziness – Apply on temples and back of neck.  Inhale directly from bottle or diffuse into air.

* Lactation Problems – Massage over breast.  Rub onto bottom of feet daily.

* Lumbago – Massage unto lower back as needed.

* Multiple Sclerosis – Place two drops in a capsule and take internally.  Apply on forehead, temples, and behind ears.  Diffuse into air.

* Muscle Spasms – Massage gently unto affected muscles using carrier oil.

* Neck Pain – Massage unto neck tow to three times a day using carrier oil.

* Oily Hair – Add about 5 drops to shampoo and wash as usual.

* Ovarian Cyst – Apply warm compress over stomach with about 5 drops of oil.

* Restless Leg Syndrome – Diffuse into air.  Inhale directly from bottle tow to three times a day.

Do you have any other uses for Basil EO?  Please share!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Note:  For internal use of Basil EO make sure it is (food grade) 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.  From personal use and experience we recommend doTerra’s Essential Oils.  For topical use we also recommend Eden’s Garden Essential Oils.  This is just our opinion and suggestion, so please feel free to do your own research and share!

* The FDA has not approved these statements.  This post is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Well Intended Insights and Samara & Shamira’s simply provide information compiled by them and through personal knowledge and experience of the product.  Persons with known medical conditions should consult their primary care before implementing the use of Essential Oils.